Lot 4: 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley, 6-bottle pack


Highly distinctive, instantly enjoyable, thick with flavor and the Dry Creek terroir, this is a really wonderful Cabernet.

Lot 4 is actually from one of the first wineries Colin begged for wine, back in 2013 when we started ‘hunting’ for ‘heists’.

One of the very best Dry Creek Valley wineries, one whose wines throb with the intense qualities of the best biodynamic vineyards in the region. A few years later they remembered us when they had a few surplus barrels left over from a big harvest of one of their 2014 high-end ‘list only’ wines.

There’s a richly delicious earthiness to the very best Dry Creek Valley wines. Some of the posher wines are rather dry, even dusty, while others are just big fruit with no class or depth behind it. This wine avoids both problems, with wonderful fruit and body – it can sing and dance. Both of us were still enjoying, remembering and talking about this wine a few days after tasting it.

It opens with stunningly rich blackberry fruit and develops into an equally rich and deliciously earthy cocoa finish.

They sell it for $55 per bottle, so we’re sharing it for $19.


Only available in 6 bottle packs and only one pack per person.

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