Lot 2: 2011 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma, 6-bottle pack


Lot 2

Sometimes we find a very posh winery with a surplus of a particularly fine, expensive wine like Lot 1.  Sometimes we find a wine where a newer winery is quickly acquiring a rock-star reputation, though for now a brilliant winemaker and fabulous wine is still relatively unknown and a stunning deal. Like Lot 2, which normally sells for $44 to over $50 per bottle. We successfully begged and groveled for a few surplus barrels and can offer it to you for $17!

Some of the world’s very best Pinot come from this town, Sebastopol, where wineries like Kosta Browne sell out to their now closed list of members and are unavailable to anyone else. From literally everything we’ve heard, seen and tasted this winemaker and winery are sure to follow in those footsteps and the prices will soon climb to exorbitant levels.

Meanwhile, we’re extremely happy to help move this under our own label and offer you absolutely delicious Pinot at an utterly lunatic price.

See below for just a little more information on this winemaker and wine.

Only available in 6 bottle packs and only one pack per person.

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