We Hunt

Colin (Mr Hunt) and David (Mr Heist) work as winemaker and manager of an award-winning winery just outside San Francisco. To keep ourselves entertained we also ‘heist’ wine from other wineries. Through industry contacts we hunt down the few ultra-premium California wineries with a surplus of very fine wine. These wines typically sell for around $50 to $100 or more per bottle. In certain productive years, these exclusive wineries have a few barrels of wine left over. This presents a conundrum for very upscale wineries. Storing and bottling the wine is costly and slashing prices under their own label would destroy their brand.

We Heist

We offer a discreet solution to these problems. We sign a confidentiality agreement to not reveal the winery’s name and take the wine off their hands at a very low price. Then we bottle the wine for release under our license and the Hunt & Heist label. This means you steal truly stunning wine for $15 to $25 per bottle. Our wine-loving friends don’t know all the details, just that it’s amazing value and damn tasty. It’s carefully hand-picked by us to share with wine industry insiders and aficionados so it has to be a staggeringly good deal and spectacular wine.

You Enjoy

Hunt & Heist is exclusive to friends and locals who love wine and are on this list. The list is strictly ‘first come, first served,’ so no fancy collector, boutique or sommelier will ever skip past you in the line. Members hopefully like to support regional businesses and products. They definitely like drinking truly fine wine at everyday prices. Feel free to pass the word on but please understand the Hunt & Heist list is for California residents only, only one 6-bottle pack order per person and our stocks are naturally very limited by availability. See below for a fuller description of these details.

The Details

  1. We’re out hunting for exclusive wineries’ occasional surplus barrels and heisting the very best of them for sale discreetly under this label. For example, Lot 1 normally sells for $90-120 per bottle in Napa and we will sell it for $25 under the Hunt & Heist label. See our Wines for more details on how we Hunt and Heist the wines.
  2. When you first register, you won’t be able to place an order until the next Lot of wine is ready and we tell you your account is activated to buy. For example, if we have 150 packs in stock, then we will temporarily activate the accounts of the first 150 people who ever registered to get onto the list and email them telling them their account is now activated and they can buy.
  3. On receiving an offer of a new wine, you can either buy 6 bottles or no bottles. You have just a day or two to order before the next group of people on the waiting list behind you are offered the rest of the wine, so it’s possible you’ll be out of luck, particularly if you dawdle!
  4. The list is entirely ‘first come, first served.’ The wine will not be available to anyone not on the list and no one jumps the line, no matter who they are!
  5. To ensure you’re not holding spaces ahead of true fans, if you don’t order 2 lots in a row then you drop down 50 places on the list.
  6. We intend to release wines every 6 to 12 months, presuming we continue to find gems to steal. Sorry if you’re too low on the list to get some of the wines, we will react to shortages by trying to source more next time.
  7. Shipping is just $12 (less than our average UPS cost) and to California only. You can also request pickup from SF on weekday evenings or from La Honda Winery in Redwood City on weekday mornings (before we head to the vineyards). Wine shipping laws and compliance make other states too time-consuming for a small business already working overtime to share great wine.
  8. Delivery requires a daytime address where someone will definitely be around every day to sign for the wine and state law requires the signature be from someone 21 or over, so daytime work addresses only please.
  9. This list will never be shared or spammed and can be unsubscribed from at any time.